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Maillu Blue Bath Slippers for Man 44yards
Maillu Red Bath Slippers for Lady 38 yards
White Disposable Shaver 100pcs Pack
Blue Disposable Shaver 50pcs Pack
Economic Shower Accessories 2Pc Set
Standard Bath and Shower Accessories 4Pcs Set
Economic Bath and Shower Accessories 3Pc Set
Deluxe Bath and Shower Accessories 4Pc Set
Deluxe Shower Accessories 4pc Set
Oval Ramie Scrub Pad
Ramie Cotton Scrub Pad
Sisal Back Scrub Belt
Two-tone Back Scrub Belt
Bath Pouf Belt
Green Nylon Scrub Glove for Bath
Beige Nylon Scrub Glove for Bath
Two-tone Scrub Glove with Wrister
Standard Two-tone Scrub Glove
Oval Two-tone Ramie Scrub sponge
Oval Ramie Scrub sponge

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