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MOQ policy

                                 NEW MOQ POLICY

As a professional OEM manufacturer, our work adheres to a well organized production line. Our craftsmen work on 25 tables simultaneously. To ensure our continued ability to produce high quality tables at both acompetitive price and quick turn-around, we sincerely hope customers can respect our minimum order quantity
policy as below:


Stationary Massage Tables (Standard Parent Products)            10Pcs

Stationary Massage Tables (Subsidiary Products)                      20Pcs

Stationary Massage Tables (Customized Products)                    50Pcs


Vida Massage Tables(Standard)                                              20Pcs

Vida Massage Tables(Customized Products)                            50Pcs

SMF Massage Tables                                                            100Pcs


Electric Massage Tables (Standard Parent Products)                  5Pcs

Electric Massage Tables  (Subsidiary Products)                         10Pcs

Electric Massage Tables  (Customized Products)                       30Pcs



Portable Massage Tables (Standard Parent Products)              20Pcs

Portable Massage Tables (Subsidiary Products)                        40Pcs

Portable Massage Tables (Customized Products)                    100Pcs


Stools(Standard Parent Products)                                            50Pcs

Stools (Subsidiary& Customized Products)                              100Pcs


Accessories:                                           According to PRICE LIST


Important notice:

   The minimum order value: $10000.00 per shipment(excluding sample order)
   For orders less than $10000.00  
   A charge equal to 5% of the total order will be applied with order between $5001~$9999
   A charge equal to 10% of the total order will be applied with order between $3000~$5000
   A charge equal to 20% of the total order will be applied with order less than $3000

Shipping policy

LCL(Less than Container Loading)
 Minimum LCL order value: $10000

Our standard packaging is designed for Full-Container-Loading transportation. Sintang is not responsible for the damage
of loose boxes while in the care of a third-party freight forwarder or the workers whom they employ. Therefore, Sintang
cannot ensure the full safety of items shipped in loose boxes once they arrive in a forwarder’s warehouse. Sintang will
record images of the packaging before items are delivered to the forwarder’s warehouse, though will not be responsible
for any damage or any missing items which occur during the shipment. Additional package protection is offered at an
additional charge of 5%~20% against the order’s total value.

FCL(Full Container Loading)

Sintang ensures a container is sealed after loading. If goods are damaged during the sea-shipment from poor quality
or lack of packaging, Sintang assumes responsibility to assist customer solutions in following:
Under the agreement of Sintang, customers will decide on appropriate disposal or private use should products be
irreparably damaged. Sintang will refund the amount limited to the original product purchase price.
In some cases, slight damage on loose boxes is not unusual should be allowed so long as the inside product is otherwise
(The seal number must be match the original and picture documentation plus serial number must be offered when a
customer requests a refund).

Sample policy

Ship by Express

Samples will be offered for free, customers will only need to pay the express cost. Customer account numbers
for Fedex, UPS or DHL will need to be provided. EMS(Local post office service) and China local express will
be not acceptable.

Ship by economic air

Sample cost+30% handling charge(which has been raised for the local transportation cost from Sintang’s
factory to the air-port)

Ship by sea

Sample cost+30% handling charge(which has been raised for the local transportation cost from Sintang’s
factory to the sea-port)


To keep our samples safe and protect Sintang’s technical and intellectual property, Sintang will ensure our
samples will be sent far from other competitors operating in China. No sample will be shipped to any location
within China. No sample will be offered to anyone in China(including foreign nationals operating within China).
Specifically, Sintang will refuse anyone to receive samples at Sintang’s factory location (including foreign
nationals, Chinese counterparts, or any other related personnel).


For the same model product, a maximum of two sample pieces can be offered free of charge.

Logo / Branding policy

When your order quantity meets our MOQ, logos will be allowed to be printed on the carrying case, end-panel of the table and on the boxes for free.
Notice: For technical reasons, we can only allow for the printing of 2-color logos.

Lead time

Low season: February to May is our traditional low season.
Peak season: June to January is our traditional peak season.
Generally, It will take 3~5 days for down-payment or L/C documents to process. Excluding receiving the down-payment or L/C documents,the lead time for FCL order will generally be 25 days in low season and 30 daysin peak season, the lead time for LCL order will generally be 35 dyas in low season and 45 days in peak season.

Payment policy

T/T (Telegraphic transfer): 30% down payment, 70% payment by copy of bill of lading.
L/C at sign;

T/T (Telegraphic transfer): 30% down payment, 70% payment by copy of bill of lading.

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