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In the event of a return, customers are asked to supply pictures which can clearly show the quality issue and the serial number.
The serial number sticker is normally under the armrest of the massage chair and the wooden-block under the table top.

If the return is for a refund, only the value of the product returned will be refunded. The amount paid for shipping the products from Sintang to client will not reimbursed. Sintang retains the right to request clients return the products (in which case Sintang will pay the shipping cost) or ask that products are disposed of entirely. Clients will be responsible in assisting the reloading of the container. Refunds are not processed until we have received and inspected the returned item.

If the return is in exchange for a replacement, the amount paid for shipping the products from Sintang to a client will not be reimbursed. Sintang will pay the cost of shipping items back to the Sintang Shanghai factory, however Sintang will not cover the continued cost of shipping the replacement to the customer. Replacements are not processed until we have received the returned item and it has been inspected. Sintang retains the right to ask customers to dispose of products in the event Sintang deems it unnecessary to return products back to the Sintang Shanghai factory. Replacements will be processed immediately.

This policy also applies in the case of defective items. While the occurrence of defective items are quite rare ( a rate of 0.3%),Sintang will recognize the unfortunate situation and an exchange will be offered.

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